How to manage your email inbox

Ahh the dreaded emails. You can definitely feel swamped by the demands people put on you to respond to their emails. With email being a 24/7 contact method, your emails can come at you non-stop, and you may feel as though all you do all day is email and the inbox just never shrinks! Below I have shared how I manage my inbox for stress-free emailing! Continue reading “How to manage your email inbox”


Put that phone down. Be present

girl on cell phone eating

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve had a great break away over the last few weeks, although the weather wasn’t always its best. It rained three days straight when I was away at the beach. But that didn’t put a dampener on the mood (see what I did there).

We had no wifi and no data on our phones. So what on earth did we do? Continue reading “Put that phone down. Be present”

Becoming a morning person


I feel it best to start this post with a disclaimer: I am not a morning person.

During primary school years Mum would have to pull me out of bed in the morning after yelling at me for a good half an hour. She tried everything, turning on the light, opening the curtains, pulling back the covers, alarm clocks, music, having a hot drink ready to go. Nope, I still wasn’t getting out of bed and when I did, it would take me ages to get ready. Continue reading “Becoming a morning person”

Are You Making The Most of Your 2015? 

2015 is going so fast,  already we are heading into April! It feels like it was New Years only two weeks ago. Those resolutions you made, have they slipped by the by? Continue reading “Are You Making The Most of Your 2015? “

The low down: Eating fat

Healthy Fats!!

These days every second product, it seems, on the supermarket shelves totes the words “Fat Free”, “Low Fat”, “97% Fat Free” or something to this description.  This is because it was thought years ago that fat made us fat and making low/no fat foods would solve our obesity problems.  In fact, we are sicker and fatter now than we ever used to be. Continue reading “The low down: Eating fat”

The low down: Apple cider vinegar

If you are interested in health and wellness just as I am you have probably come across Apple Cider Vinegar before. But do you really know what it is and why it is so great? Continue reading “The low down: Apple cider vinegar”

Letting Go: I said goodbye to unhappy friendships and judgement


At the start of this year I cleared out my phone contacts, my Facebook friends and who I followed on Instagram. I instantly felt such a sense of freshness, a freedom. I realised there were a lot of people that I just didn’t need in my life, people who did not bring anything to make my life better each day. I was holding onto those relationships,  but why? Continue reading “Letting Go: I said goodbye to unhappy friendships and judgement”