Chicken noodle soup


It was one of those need-to-do-the-grocery-shopping-but-don’t-have-money-right-now days yesterday.

I looked in the pantry to find something worth tossing together and came up with this soup. A tin of condensed soup was the inspiration.

I must admit I don’t usually eat tinned soup and prefer to make my own but sometimes when your short on time (and ingredients) you make do with what you’ve got. Continue reading “Chicken noodle soup”


3 chocolate pancake recipes for Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday was my first blog post a year ago next week. I feel it important to do another symbolise that I made it through a year of blogging. Next week, you can expect a one year of blogging celebration, and what’s a celebration without cake!

Until then, I’ve got a line up of three yummy chocolate pancake recipes for this year’s Pancake Tuesday. Make these for breakfast or even lunch or dinner… (not judging).

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Your Valentine’s Day menu

Ahh Valentine’s Day. That time of the year when people feel the need to share their affection more than they would any other day.

Cliche as it is, what better way to show affection than through your lover’s plate! I always feel good after making a meal for my loved ones.

Whether you choose to do a romantic brunch, lunch or dinner, I have a delicious menu for you.
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10 recipes for your holiday season

It’s that time of year again where we have many social events to attend and host.

It can be daunting trying to think of different recipes to make to take to these gatherings and you don’t want to take the same thing to each one. And of course, when you’re hosting, you have to make several dishes. Continue reading “10 recipes for your holiday season”

26 cauli power recipes


I’m just going to put it out there, I LOVE CAULIFLOWER! I eat it most nights for dinner. In the past it was just simply steamed florets next to whatever else was on the plate. The only time it ever got jazzed up was when it had cheese sauce over it (oh my goodness, YUM)! Don’t get me wrong, cauliflower just plain steamed is great but because I try to eat cleanly and not out of packets I have had to stay away from my favourite cheese sauce. For this reason, I have been looking for alternative ways to jazz up my cauliflower. Continue reading “26 cauli power recipes”

Hello + Pancake Tuesday!


Thinking of a first blog post is not easy. In fact I have been thinking about what to write for the past two days. I wanted to make it really exciting to capture attention but also for it to reveal a bit about what my blog is about all and what you can expect in the future. Instagram has been a large source of my inspiration but nothing seemed to quite fit the “first blog post” bill. Until today. Continue reading “Hello + Pancake Tuesday!”