Hohepa making ‘every life fully lived’

Little is known about the work that goes on at Hohepa Hawke’s Bay. I spoke to the team there to find out just what it is they are all about.

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Police handling of thefts leave residents unimpressed

With car thefts in central Auckland on the rise, residents are unimpressed with how the police are handling the crime wave. Continue reading “Police handling of thefts leave residents unimpressed”

Auckland transport is ‘nonsense’

Public transport in Auckland is an issue I could talk to you about all day. The unreliability, the cancelations, the break downs, the being stranded between stations for no apparent reason and no way to get off the train. I catch the train most days, twice a day, for total time of 2 hours 20 minutes (when it is running to schedule and all goes well). It makes sense that when we had the privilege to have Mayor of Auckland Len Brown do an exclusive press conference for us at uni I wrote a story about public transport. Continue reading “Auckland transport is ‘nonsense’”

The start of an exciting career

I haven’t posted on the blog for three weeks. I have failed in my quest to blog 40 posts in 40 days during Lent. However, my main goal was to bring something new into my life – blogging – which I clearly have done. Here is what has been keeping me from the blog lately: Continue reading “The start of an exciting career”