One year of blogging


Guess what, though if you read the title I’m sure you’ll know, The Emma Exclusive is one year old!

Wow, who would have thought I would be here right now, still blogging to you all.

Thinking back on a year ago and my first blog post, I set out on a big blogging task to do 40 days of blogging for the 40 days of Lent. But then life got in the way and I found 40 blog posts was not realistic.

Blogging though was a good way for me to continue writing about things I like and getting a voice out there for myself. So I kept it up when I could.

Although the blog wasn’t updated as much as I would’ve liked, I’ve achieved a heck of a lot in the year I’ve been writing The Emma Exclusive. Continue reading “One year of blogging”


Link Love: Some cool things I found this week

I’m a Harry Potter fan and quite enjoy comedic pieces about it so therefore this video made me LOL this week! Continue reading “Link Love: Some cool things I found this week”

Are You Making The Most of Your 2015? 

2015 is going so fast,  already we are heading into April! It feels like it was New Years only two weeks ago. Those resolutions you made, have they slipped by the by? Continue reading “Are You Making The Most of Your 2015? “

Letting Go: I said goodbye to unhappy friendships and judgement


At the start of this year I cleared out my phone contacts, my Facebook friends and who I followed on Instagram. I instantly felt such a sense of freshness, a freedom. I realised there were a lot of people that I just didn’t need in my life, people who did not bring anything to make my life better each day. I was holding onto those relationships,  but why? Continue reading “Letting Go: I said goodbye to unhappy friendships and judgement”