How to manage your email inbox

Ahh the dreaded emails. You can definitely feel swamped by the demands people put on you to respond to their emails. With email being a 24/7 contact method, your emails can come at you non-stop, and you may feel as though all you do all day is email and the inbox just never shrinks! Below I have shared how I manage my inbox for stress-free emailing! Continue reading “How to manage your email inbox”


The low down: Eating fat

Healthy Fats!!

These days every second product, it seems, on the supermarket shelves totes the words “Fat Free”, “Low Fat”, “97% Fat Free” or something to this description.  This is because it was thought years ago that fat made us fat and making low/no fat foods would solve our obesity problems.  In fact, we are sicker and fatter now than we ever used to be. Continue reading “The low down: Eating fat”

The low down: Apple cider vinegar

If you are interested in health and wellness just as I am you have probably come across Apple Cider Vinegar before. But do you really know what it is and why it is so great? Continue reading “The low down: Apple cider vinegar”

Letting Go: I said goodbye to unhappy friendships and judgement


At the start of this year I cleared out my phone contacts, my Facebook friends and who I followed on Instagram. I instantly felt such a sense of freshness, a freedom. I realised there were a lot of people that I just didn’t need in my life, people who did not bring anything to make my life better each day. I was holding onto those relationships,  but why? Continue reading “Letting Go: I said goodbye to unhappy friendships and judgement”