How to manage your email inbox

Ahh the dreaded emails. You can definitely feel swamped by the demands people put on you to respond to their emails. With email being a 24/7 contact method, your emails can come at you non-stop, and you may feel as though all you do all day is email and the inbox just never shrinks! Below I have shared how I manage my inbox for stress-free emailing! Continue reading “How to manage your email inbox”


Becoming a morning person


I feel it best to start this post with a disclaimer: I am not a morning person.

During┬áprimary school years Mum would have to pull me out of bed in the morning after yelling at me for a good half an hour. She tried everything, turning on the light, opening the curtains, pulling back the covers, alarm clocks, music, having a hot drink ready to go. Nope, I still wasn’t getting out of bed and when I did, it would take me ages to get ready. Continue reading “Becoming a morning person”

How to get an internship and how to rock it!

Hello my name is intern

After my two weeks interning at the Hawke’s Bay Today and now interning at The New Zealand Herald for their Bite magazine, I feel I am now qualified enough to share some of my tips to getting an internship and what to do once you have it. Continue reading “How to get an internship and how to rock it!”