In the recording studio interviewing inspiring people.
In the recording studio 

Hi, I’m Emma, a journalist from New Zealand. I’m a Bachelor of Communications graduate from Auckland University of Technology where I majored in Journalism and minored in Public Relations.

I have experience working as a journalist editing my own and other people’s work for publication. I have experience writing for both print and for radio, as well as on air voice work for news bulletins and radio shows.

I thoroughly enjoy working in a busy newsroom surrounded by the ever-changing news agenda.

You can contact me or check out a portfolio of my printed work on my media page.

My blog The Emma Exclusive reflects my passion for food, interior design, music, health and nutrition, travel, fashion and beauty.

The name The Emma Exclusive is a play on words with the journalistic practice of getting ‘the exclusive’. Journalists always try to get an exclusive coverage of an event, story or interview before other news outlets. This blog is essentially the ‘exclusive interview’ with me and my day to day life.

I started this blog because I wanted a place to practice my writing skills. Apparently, the only way to improve  your writing is to write. However, it took me a long time to start as I thought I had nothing worth writing. I have since come to learn that there are many things to write about if you just start. You will find the story worth telling along the way. This first post tells more of how I was finally inspired to start writing The Emma Exclusive.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.

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