How to manage your email inbox

Ahh the dreaded emails. You can definitely feel swamped by the demands people put on you to respond to their emails. With email being a 24/7 contact method, your emails can come at you non-stop, and you may feel as though all you do all day is email and the inbox just never shrinks! Below I have shared how I manage my inbox for stress-free emailing!

1. Do something with it right then and there

Delete it, reply to it, file it, forward it as soon as you finish reading it. Let’s face it, you will forget to reply to that email later and it will end up being a chore. Why keep something in the inbox you know you’ve read and have finished with just to have it clogging up the inbox. Basic rule that I live by and makes my email time much shorter and inbox much smaller, action it straight after reading it!

2. Set aside time each day dedicated to emails

I make it 10am. It allows those at work to get settled in before emailing you and for them to have been at work for an hour to be ready to tackle your email requests. Get through all of them with the method above and then only check them when you are ready to check to them (after all those other tasks) I’ve also got rid of notifications on my computer and phone for emails. Way less distracting!

3. Use the inbox as a task list or work in progress list

Anything else shouldn’t be there. Something you’re currently working on or waiting on a reply or more information for can stay there. Remove from the inbox as soon as it is finished being read or replied to.

4. File what you can

Get the same type of emails but don’t want to delete them in case you need to look back on them? Make folders off your inbox so they are all sorted and easy to find when you need them.

5. Use Filters

Even better, get the email program to file the emails itself. I create rules for emails I get all the time such as newsletters that I want to read at some point but I can’t get to them right now. That way when an important email comes in you can see it without the mass of newsletters in the way.

6. Unsubscribe

Those emails you always delete without opening or you just aren’t feeling it anymore – unsubscribe from them. Again, do it right then and there or else the next edition of that newsletter will be hitting your inbox and the same problem occurs.

Basically, my number one take away from this is do something with the email at the time of reading it. Give it a try and let me know how your inbox looks and even better, how your mind feels!

Emma x




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