Your Valentine’s Day menu

Ahh Valentine’s Day. That time of the year when people feel the need to share their affection more than they would any other day.

Cliche as it is, what better way to show affection than through your lover’s plate! I always feel good after making a meal for my loved ones.

Whether you choose to do a romantic brunch, lunch or dinner, I have a delicious menu for you.

1. Strawberry Protein Pancakes with Strawberry Cream Sauce – Popsugar

This breakfast will keep you feeling full with addition on protein powder and Greek yoghurt. Draw the hearts free hand or use a metal cutter if you have one large enough.


2. Scrumptious White Wine Scallops – Tone It Up

I think anything made with a splash of white wine is a bit more special. For lunch you can serve up these scallops with a side of your favourite salad or vegetables for a light lunch that wont leave you bloated for your big finale meal.


3.  Comforting Pea and Mint Risotto with Parmesan – Petite Kitchen

Super simple but with lovely flavours, and also that white wine I was talking about. A risotto is always an impressive winner for dinner.

pea & mint risotto 2

4. Berry Labne “Love” Tart – The Whole Daily

Dessert! The part we’ve all been waiting for. How good do these look? They’re sure to impress your Valentine for the rest of the year.


5. Blushing Valentine– Tone It Up

We can’t forget what to drink at dinner to accompany all your yummy food.Champagne-Valentines-Day-Tone-It-Up

6. Raw Strawberry Chocolates – Wholesome Cook

And if you really want to impress, make your own chocolates. I think it says much more than just picking up the usual box from the supermarket.



To be honest, your partner is going to love anything you cook for them as you will have put the best ingredient in it, love.  Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day

I hope you find some Valentine’s Day inspiration from these recipes and if you make one (or more) share it with me on Twitter @emmastanford11 and #TheEmmaExclusive

Emma x


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