Put that phone down. Be present

girl on cell phone eating

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve had a great break away over the last few weeks, although the weather wasn’t always its best. It rained three days straight when I was away at the beach. But that didn’t put a dampener on the mood (see what I did there).

We had no wifi and no data on our phones. So what on earth did we do?

We watched movies, played cards and the most competitive part yet, the horse betting.

We put $5 into a bowl and picked a horse’s number out of the hat, kept it to our chest and crossed our fingers. Bear in mind, there were over 15 of us, so the winners were quite chuffed with their takings. It was such fun, even if you weren’t betting, to watch everyone else jumping in their seats and having the winner revealed.

We simply just enjoyed each other’s company. It meant we were fully concentrating on the moment right then and there. Being present in the moment.

I try to be present in the moment everyday. I read a book on the train and sometimes on busy trips when you get someone in the seat next to you, I don’t read or be phone. I simply see what everyone is doing.

I had an elderly lady sit next to me one busy morning commute. She sat down and told me she was going to work at the rest home that day, how long she’d been doing it and why she loved it. Talking the whole way until her stop. She lived by herself, so it made me feel great that I was perhaps the first person she had spoke to that day.

Being present in the moment allowed me to learn that the best thing is face to face human interaction and you don’t get that when you have your head stuck in your phone all day.

Do you eat dinner with your phone on the table?  Or have it out when your having a coffee your friends? Or mindlessly type in your passcode when there’s a three second pause in your day?  

I’m guilty of this, too. 

What’s more important? A Facebook post from that person you haven’t spoken to since high school, or experiencing time with people you actually care about.  

Give it a try to put the phone down for an hour a day and just see what happens. That cute guy in your office might come and talk to you at lunch, because you now look approachable.

Or you could just simply notice something different you hadn’t seen before thought you walk past it everyday.

The next concert you go to, put the phone away and just listen and dance. You will remember the night without the need to look back with your phone’s video.

How do you stay present in the moment? Are you going to give this a try? Let me know the results.

Emma x



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