No presents this Christmas?

I don’t enjoy buying Christmas presents. I love spending money on people but not when I feel I have to just because of social norms. Usually they don’t even know what they want anyway and then I spend weeks stressing about what to buy that is thoughtfully chosen for them even though they have given me no list or ideas. Flying blind over here!

With only 10 days before Christmas, I still have shopping to do.

I have been thinking of present ideas for those in the family that can’t fathom not getting presents and some for those that are more open minded and aren’t too fussed about the presents. Just to save my sanity and my money!

Donate the money

The money you would spend on a present for someone could go towards a charity they care about. This way they don’t need to find a place to put the thing you bought them or wonder when they’ll ever use it.  The recipient will be grateful you thought of them and the cause close to their heart.

how_it_worksOxfam Unwrapped

A good one for this is Oxfam Unwrapped. The money is spent helping others who need it buying such things as a well, coffee plant, clean water and goats. The person you’re buying the gift for receives a note explaining how their gift is helping others.
Perfect for secret Santa at the office. We all know we never like those gifts anyway. Good feels all round.

Suggest you all pitch in

For a Christmas holiday away! The gift is to rent a holiday house and have Christmas there just spending time with the family.  Memories are, at the end of the day, the best gifts.

Offer your time

Know a friend that always needs a babysitter or never has time to cook dinner? Gift them your services to babysit their kids one night a week for a month or cook them a few dinners for their freezer. Whatever they are needing and haven’t got around to or they usually do but don’t like (READ: ironing) you can offer to do that for them. You will probably find them far more grateful of your time and help than a materialistic present.


Put on a Christmas feast

This can be just as expensive as the gifts you would buy. Just tell your family your present this year is the Christmas dinner and they don’t need to bring a thing. If they insist on bringing something suggest flowers for the table or a bottle of wine. At least you can drink it on another occasion and the flowers can be turned into many other things when they’re dying off

Edible gifts

At least this way you know they will be used and liked! Bite magazine have put together a collection of recipes for just that. Check it out here.
How do you get away from the conventional Christmas present buying? I would love to hear your ideas. If you try any of mine I would love to hear how they went down. Maybe a there’s new tradition on your hands?
Emma x

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