Becoming a morning person


I feel it best to start this post with a disclaimer: I am not a morning person.

During primary school years Mum would have to pull me out of bed in the morning after yelling at me for a good half an hour. She tried everything, turning on the light, opening the curtains, pulling back the covers, alarm clocks, music, having a hot drink ready to go. Nope, I still wasn’t getting out of bed and when I did, it would take me ages to get ready. Through to high school it wasn’t much better and then when I got to uni Mum just said “oh well, you’re paying for it and if you miss it, it doesn’t bother me.” However I feel uni is never really a suitable time to start becoming a morning person. Late nights doing assignments and studying every night really requires those hours of sleep into the late am.

So now uni is over (Read: hooray!) I feel I need to get into the swing of getting a morning routine and not wasting my day away. Become a morning person.

My current morning routine goes like this:

Alarm goes off at 7 am. Hit Snooze. Hit Snooze. Hit Snooze.

Alarm goes off again, jeepers it’s 8 o’clock! Get up, eat breakfast (check Instagram), brush teeth (checking emails), get dressed, slap on some make up and run a brush through my hair (checking Facebook) and be out the door by 8.40 to be at work at 9.

What I am doing to change the above franticness:

Prep the night before

I have been deciding on an outfit, organising lunch and straightening my hair the night before and it makes for a clear head in the morning and far less rush. Check your diary/calendar the night before so you what the day ahead brings.

Go to bed at a set time and read a book

To start off well in the morning, I needed to look at how I was going to sleep, which was literally with my laptop and phone. I have been going to bed at a set time for a week now and then have read for half an hour. I have found it much easier to fall asleep once the light is off and have been going to sleep a lot earlier.

Get up earlier and make time

This usually starts with going to bed earlier. Basically just get up with more time to do things so you are not so rushed in the mornings and can actually enjoy that cup of tea and feel your breakfast hit your stomach. Rather than setting the alarm for the latest possible time you could wake up (…guilty!). You are more likely to forget to do something as well when you are rushing and your hair will never look as good as it would if you had more time.

Have a schedule

I have now set a schedule for what things need to be done each day.  It’s on an A3 piece of paper in my room and lets me know what time I need to leave for work each day (working two different jobs requires this), right down to when I can watch TV. I’m not super strict with it but it makes me see if I get moving in the morning there is heaps of time to the things I like doing in the afternoon.

Have something to look forward to each morning

For me it’s the thought of breakfast – especially if I had the time to make some compote or a chia pudding the night before. Maybe you could book a yoga class for the morning. Or it could simply be to get up and see the sunrise. Looking forward to getting up and starting the day is a good way to get out from under the covers.

I would love to hear your ideas for how I can improve my mornings and let me know how you get going in the mornings.

Emma x


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