Diary of an internship: Week two

Here comes week two of my two week internship at the Hawke’s Bay Today newspaper. You can see week one here. 


Ready to crack into another week, I went to my editorial meeting nervous to pitch my feature idea. I shouldn’t have been because they said “Great, they [Hohepa] will love it!”  Jeepers, I thought, now I had to get interviews organised and I hope they could fit me in this week. What questions would I ask? I have interviewed before but only for assignment pieces, would my interviewing get enough information for a publishable feature piece?

I also had to do the weekly feature “Five questions with…”. I was to interview Rod Drury, a member of the New Zealand Flag Committee. OMG, what questions do I ask him that sum it all up in just five really questions? After getting some ideas from around the room “What would you like to know about the flag committee?” I gathered my questions and emailed them. Rod pretty much emailed me straight back. Wow! The fastest response ever, I was told, and the piece wasn’t even needed until Saturday.

I spent the rest of the day researching for my Hohepa feature and also doing a “What’s on these holidays?” listicle for the following day.


Today I wrote a story on The Young Viticulturist of the Year awards for the Hawke’s Bay area. I interviewed the winner and organised a photo to accompany the story. One of the other journalists, collaborated with me on this and added his interviews and information to the story afterwards.

That day I also wrote a story on an EIT student who won a prestigious nursing scholarship.


After checking the paper at the letter box this morning and seeing my nurse scholarship story in there, I hit the streets to vox pop Napier locals about the best way to entertain kids these winter school holidays. Being the freezing morning that it was, there was hardly anyone on the streets. I got two people in half an hour so I headed back to the office in time for my editorial meeting. At 10.30 I headed to Hohepa to interview general manager Andy White. The interview went really well and I got a lot of content for the piece. It was clear that Mr White is very passionate about the people at Hohepa as I was talking to him about it for an hour and a half. A successful first big interview as a real reporter.


This morning’s paper had my young viticulturist of the year story published. No editors meant I worked solidly on my feature piece for most of the morning and then on to the holiday vox pops in the freezing cold streets of Hastings, so I swung by Kmart to keep warm and finished it off catching a bunch of mum’s shopping with their kids.


Bit of a quite one again today like last Friday. I went out to Hohepa with the photographer and got to meet some more of the residents there and get a good insight to what it’s like to be a newspaper photographer.  I was impressed with how swiftly they do a shoot.

Vox popping was on the agenda too. I had to go out and ask questions about whether locals should pick Hawke’s Bay apples or overseas workers. The day was even more freezing and no one wanted their photo taken. After two hours, I finally finished and skipped back to the office after pretty much begging my last person for their photograph.

After filing my photos and opinions for the vox pops I got to work on a story about a young Hastings girl who had a competition to have her dream room made a reality on TV. I interviewed her over the phone, and also interviewed the local interior designer who was also appearing on the show. I organised a photo and filed it to be put in Wednesday’s paper (the day after the episode would screen). ADDITION: This story is here.


Arriving at the airport, the first thing I did was buy a copy of the paper. Flicking through, I found my Hohepa Hawke’s Bay feature piece on page 11. I was chuffed that all the photos were printed too because the residents were all so excited to have their photos taken.  My five questions with Rod Drury was also in there. For both of these, my name was in bold in the standfirst. Somehow that was cooler than just having the byline at the top of the story.

That’s it, the internship all done and dusted, I will follow up this with my tips for interning in a news room soon.

Emma x

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