Police handling of thefts leave residents unimpressed

With car thefts in central Auckland on the rise, residents are unimpressed with how the police are handling the crime wave.

Charlotte Harland is disappointed with the rise in car thefts and is fed up with police. Photo: Emma Stanford
Charlotte Harland is disappointed with the rise in car thefts and is fed up with police. Photo: Emma Stanford

Crime statistics released last month show Auckland City District’s rate of car thefts increased by 12 per cent in 2014 with resolution being as low as 13.5 per cent.

Sandringham resident Georgia Taylor had her car stolen from Arabi St off Sandringham Rd which was found three weeks later in Henderson with its ignition ripped out.

Ms Taylor thinks the police should take car theft more seriously because of the costs victims face getting their car towed back and then repaired.

“They see [car theft] as an inconvenience rather than an act of theft and just record it.

“There should be more security. It cost $200 to get the car towed, a waste of money that could easily be prevented.”

Auckland City District Police spokesperson Noreen Hegarty says police patrol known crime hot-spots and advise staff of known offenders in particular areas.

“Police have a range of ways to target thefts of and from cars, not least of which is continuing to educate motorists to remove valuable items from view in parked vehicles and to ensure vehicles are locked at all times when unattended,” she says.

Morningside resident Abby Malins had her car broken into four times over 12 months, with none of the items taken being recovered.

“I was so pissed off. There has always been a lot of break-ins in this area and the only thing I could do was put a car alarm in my car, so I did.”

Ms Hegarty says police acknowledge the low resolution rate for recovering stolen vehicles and items stolen from vehicles.

“It is an area where there is room for improvement.”

Ms Taylor doesn’t feel it is safe to park her car in the streets outside her home.

I don’t think Sandringham is a good area to park your car as there are a number of assholes who wander the street all night as it is close to the city.

“I advise everyone to park in their garage as Auckland drivers are such dorks.”

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