The start of an exciting career

I haven’t posted on the blog for three weeks. I have failed in my quest to blog 40 posts in 40 days during Lent. However, my main goal was to bring something new into my life – blogging – which I clearly have done. Here is what has been keeping me from the blog lately:

I went back to uni on March 2 for my third and final year, studying journalism and public relations. During the first week we had “bootcamp” for journalism where we had to be in the newsroom by 8am each day and write a story about something in our allocated suburb. I got Sandringham. I had only been there once and knew nothing about it. How was I supposed to find a story to write about a foreign suburb let alone four stories! In the past, I had four weeks to write one story for an assignment. This bootcamp put me way outside my comfort zone. Not only did I have to go to talk to strangers but I had to take photos of them and ask them personal questions. I wasn’t just a little outside my comfort zone, I was 40 kilometres away from it.

At first, I struggled to find a story. There were no events on in Sandringham that week or the next. After heaps of research I discovered Auckland City Football Club’s home ground was in Sandringham. Perfect! I interviewed the media manager, not really knowing how it would go as I don’t know much about football or the club. After handing the final story into my tutor… this happened. Published on the Te Waha Nui newspaper website.

I have then had essays, blog posts for law and ethics and a story to write each week. Now I am all organised with handling my assignments and stories.

Then some even greater news… I was published in my local community newspaper! I am super proud to have my work  out there for my community to see. My journalism and media career is taking off, even though it’s only for small publications. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Until next time,

Emma x

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