What food blogs do I follow?

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Foodess, the name for all those women who love food. In this case all of the fabulous inspiring blogs I follow about health and wellness (minus Dan Churchill but I don’t know what the male version of ‘Foodess’ is… just ‘Food’?)

I try to make those I follow a variety of food, exercise and body harmony blogs. I believe being healthy is not just eating well and exercising but also being happy in your skin and working towards self love and peacefulness. (I try to practice self love most days but I do have my moments where it all gets thrown out the window).

Most of the blogs I follow are from New Zealand or Australia simply because the seasons are the same and the recipes work most of the time with this. However, any blog with a message that speaks to me I am likely to jump on board its group of fans and followers.  Below are the blogs I frequent often (most days) and are in no particular order.

If you would like me to check out your blog, just link in the comments, I will have a snoop around  and you might even see your blog on this list.

Emma x

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