Get your bedroom looking swish for under $150!

New Zealand universities are going back for the year and the “flat interior design competition” starts. The person who can make all the mismatched furniture actually look okay, wins.  The brown couch your nana had since your mum was small, matched with the floral arm chair flat mate number 1’s cat used as a scratching post. The coffee table with heat rings on it from that time your neighbour didn’t use a coaster, (pet peeve: use a coaster people!) with a rug underneath that flat mate number 2 found behind their work.

Although your living room might look like this, never fear, your bedroom, your safe haven away from the chaos called a lounge, will look super stylish and well put together.

My design below let’s deck out your bedroom for under $150!  All products are from The Warehouse, because we all know it’s where “everyone gets a bargain.” Super accessible and super affordable.

Black bedroom lookbook copy
Design put together by Emma Stanford of The Emma Exclusive blog. Please give credit where credit is due.
  1. Elemis Waffle Duvet Cover Queen ($35)
  2. Elemis Throw Stanton Triangle Grey/Black 127cm x 152cm ($20)
  3. Urban Wall Clock Plastic 30cm Black and White ($18)
  4. Elemis Cushion Angulated Printed 40cm x 40cm ($12)
  5. Design House Table Lamp Edie LED Black 45cm ($35)
  6. Elemis Cushion Diamonds Grey 40cm x 40cm ($12)

The above bedroom look comes in at a grand total of $132!

I do apologise for the average quality of the image, I am still learning how to use Photoshop so if anyone has any tips, fire away.

Emma x

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