Chicken noodle soup


It was one of those need-to-do-the-grocery-shopping-but-don’t-have-money-right-now days yesterday.

I looked in the pantry to find something worth tossing together and came up with this soup. A tin of condensed soup was the inspiration.

I must admit I don’t usually eat tinned soup and prefer to make my own but sometimes when your short on time (and ingredients) you make do with what you’ve got. Continue reading “Chicken noodle soup”


How to manage your email inbox

Ahh the dreaded emails. You can definitely feel swamped by the demands people put on you to respond to their emails. With email being a 24/7 contact method, your emails can come at you non-stop, and you may feel as though all you do all day is email and the inbox just never shrinks! Below I have shared how I manage my inbox for stress-free emailing! Continue reading “How to manage your email inbox”

One year of blogging


Guess what, though if you read the title I’m sure you’ll know, The Emma Exclusive is one year old!

Wow, who would have thought I would be here right now, still blogging to you all.

Thinking back on a year ago and my first blog post, I set out on a big blogging task to do 40 days of blogging for the 40 days of Lent. But then life got in the way and I found 40 blog posts was not realistic.

Blogging though was a good way for me to continue writing about things I like and getting a voice out there for myself. So I kept it up when I could.

Although the blog wasn’t updated as much as I would’ve liked, I’ve achieved a heck of a lot in the year I’ve been writing The Emma Exclusive. Continue reading “One year of blogging”

3 chocolate pancake recipes for Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday was my first blog post a year ago next week. I feel it important to do another symbolise that I made it through a year of blogging.┬áNext week, you can expect a one year of blogging celebration, and what’s a celebration without cake!

Until then, I’ve got a line up of three yummy chocolate pancake recipes for this year’s Pancake Tuesday. Make these for breakfast or even lunch or dinner… (not judging).

Continue reading “3 chocolate pancake recipes for Pancake Tuesday”

Your Valentine’s Day menu

Ahh Valentine’s Day. That time of the year when people feel the need to share their affection more than they would any other day.

Cliche as it is, what better way to show affection than through your lover’s plate! I always feel good after making a meal for my loved ones.

Whether you choose to do a romantic brunch, lunch or dinner, I have a delicious menu for you.
Continue reading “Your Valentine’s Day menu”

On my bedside table: Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

Fly-Away-Home book cover

I love reading. It’s one of my favourite past times. I love how it can take you to another world and you can completely escape any stress you have in your life. I find it very relaxing.

On my bedside table is a series where I review a book I’ve read in the last month.

This month is Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner. Continue reading “On my bedside table: Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner”

Put that phone down. Be present

girl on cell phone eating

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve had a great break away over the last few weeks, although the weather wasn’t always its best. It rained three days straight when I was away at the beach. But that didn’t put a dampener on the mood (see what I did there).

We had no wifi and no data on our phones.┬áSo what on earth did we do? Continue reading “Put that phone down. Be present”